Rieleder Heilbronn
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FirmengeschichteCompany´s history
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1845 company was founded by Johann Friedrich Rieleder
1851 Rieleder trimmings at the World-Exhibition in London
1876 company was handed over to his son Wilhelm Rieleder
1907 handover to his daughter Eugenie Weinmann, geb. Rieleder
and his son in law Wilhelm G. Weinmann (sen.)
1919 Rieleder moved to Badstraße 24, Heilbronn
1925 construction of the new machinery hall, Badstraße 24/1
1931 handover to the sons Wilhelm Friedrich, Ernst, Gerhard and Paul Weinmann
1933 opening of a branch in Beilstein
1939 new factory, Achtungstraße 6, was built
1943-1945 Ernst, Gerhard und Paul Weinmann fallen,
factory plants heavily damaged by air strikes
1945-1950 factory reconstruction
Beilstein branch was sold
manufacturing of trimmings reactivated
1964 Wolf Weinmann joined the company
1966 Lutz Weinmann joined the company
1972 inauguration of the new factory, Badstraße 24/2
1975 acquisition of the company
“Arminia”-Posamentenfabrik, Armin Bretschneider, Bad Bergzabern/Pfalz
1979 first phase of construction of the new building Lämlinstraße
“Arminia” was transfered to Heilbronn
1981 acquisition of the company “Galonett-Spitzen”-Posamentenfabrik,
Paul Bretschneider, Kapellen-Drusweiler/Pfalz
1984 extension of the construction of the factory Lämlinstraße
“Galonett”-company moved to Heilbronn
1993 acquisition and transfer to Heilbronn of the company “Weposa”-Posamentenfabrik GmbH, Hameln/Weser
1995 Rieleder celebrates its 150th anniversary
1997 third phase of construction of the factory Lämlinstraße,
administration building Lämlinstraße was built
Marc Weinmann joined the company